OpenOffice in a MS Office workgroup

For the past two years I have been part of a group which edits contributions for a European newsletter. When I joined I was told they used MS Office but I have been using the Novell Edition of OpenOffice without any problems and I don’t think any of my colleagues even know I use OpenOffice.

Excluding the obvious components like Access and Publisher, has anyone come across obstacles to using OpenOffice in a MS Office workgroup?

If a Windows user adds comments to a .doc file in the margins, they won’t show up in Open Office 2.2. Other than that, I’ve had no problems.

Formulas of MS Office are often misformatted in OpenOffice.

The margins are often shifted as well.

Thanks for that information. The group with whom I work tends to use Comments -> Changes rather that margin notes which is why I have not had that problem. I haven’t become aware of the margins problem possibly because we have no reason to change margins in the course of our work. So far not had any problems with formulae.

But it’s helpful to know what might be the problems. Thanks.