OpenOffice crash when opening image file

I wanted to compose a letter and include photos that are on my other (secondary) hd. When I navigate to the folder that the photo is in, OpenOffice suddenly crashes without warning. Then I have to recover my file. If I insert a photo from my main hd (the one with SuSE 11.2 on it) then there’s no problem.
Why does it crash when I try to go into my other hard drive? (It gets automatically mounted as /local when I boot into the system).
I’m running Open SuSE 11.2 and OpenOffice (from an .rpm)

What format on that other partition?

Of course it should not crash in any case.

Is it when you slect the photo or just before that? Because if it’s when you select the file it might be a bad file or one the Open Office can’t import plus are your permissions set correctly so that you can view/edit the file? One thing you could do is open the photo in something else and paste it into Open Office. I know that does not tell why Office is crashing but it will get the job done first.

Thank you very much for your replies.
The file is just a .jpg and my other apps can access it and open it without trouble. OpenOffice is the only one with this problem.
The trouble happens when I’m navigating to the file and I haven’t selected it yet.
Thanks for the work-around idea. :smiley: