OpenOffice can only select local files???

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I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for the last few days to access files on my NAS drive using Open Office (Build - KDE4.

I can navigate to the directories where my files are stored using the OOo open dialogue and also Dolphin. But once I click on a file, in OOo open dialogue, an error message is displayed You can only select local files. And when I try to open a file whilst in Dolphin the associated app runs but the doc isn’t loaded!

Okular displays PDF files that are stored on the NAS drive as does Gwenview with image files.

Any help much appreciated!
Many thanks

Try making a cifs mount (Linux equivalent of a windows mapped drive) and opening the office files from that mount.

FFI see this:

If it’s a passwordless NAS share, the mount in fstab would be like this:

//nas_IP_address/share_name /path_to/mount_point cifs password=,_netdev,nobrl 0 0

… and while he’ll be too modest to do it, let me add a recommendation of swerdna’s website more generally: almost everything I know about Linux networking I’ve learned from those pages. And he’s an Aussie too :slight_smile:

If you are accessing NAS files via a networking protocol, OpenOffice may not work. Dolphin, Konqueror etc. can open files using quite a few protocols.

joining these two threads and tidying the result

Many thanks swerdna… took just a couple on mins to get it working, well once I’d remembered I’d switched the NAS drive off last night and switched it back on!!! :shame:

And thanks also to gminnerup… I’ve checked out swerdna’s site and I have to agree with you a great source of info.