OpenOffice calc page break preview

In OpenOffice spreadsheet, using the Page break preview you should be able to move the thick lines that indicate the separation between pages. Some versions ago you could do it normally. But now it’s impossible. You can just move the thick line that indicates the limit of the print area.

Has anybody noticed this? Is there any solution?

In Ooo for Windoze it’s possible, but I prefer not to use it unless is absolutely necessary.:wink:

I’ve never tried to move the line, simply put in an empty row to push rows onto the next page.

Thanks for your really quick reply.

Yes, that could be solution. But it’s not exactly the same.
In my case, I need to adjust the height of that row to make many other rows pass to the next page in the case the break is in the middle of a block of rows which I need to be in the same page. It’s not difficult, but it would be better if the break worked normally.
So, if somebody knows how to reestablish (in the case it’s possible) the normal functionality I would be grateful. If not, I will do what john_hudson suggests.

I can adjust the height by dragging the lower boundary of the row within the margin downwards. It won’t work if you try to do it on the lower boundary of a cell.

Yes. It’s exactly what I do.
I know that it’s not a big issue. I can obtain the same result by different ways. I just was interested in knowing if anybody knew how to make it work properly, the way the instructions say.

I appreciate anyway your interest. Thanks.