OpenOffice bug in beta3+4

Has anyone figured any workarounds for that bug?

I’m still downloading beta 4, so this is a quick shoot in the dark…
The “strace” file attached on the issue point to a file /usr/bin/oofromtemplate This file is not part of the “standard” Sun OOo, I guess that it is some kind of addition in the Novell build. Try to locate the soffice script and launch it. Something like
>> whereis soffice

and then run /usr/bin/soffice (better the real whereis output :wink: )

If i run /usr/bin/soffice , i get same output = OO tryes to start but fails.

Same thing with this

osku@linux-f09i:~> whereis soffice
soffice: /usr/bin/soffice /usr/bin/X11/soffice
osku@linux-f09i:~> /usr/bin/X11/soffice