OpenOffice and Office 2007 file format support???

The last time I used OpenSuse was about 6 months ago, and at the time OpenSuse’s version of OpenOffice supported the Microsoft Office 2007 file formats; however, I just downloaded the newest installer, and I noticed that file extentions like “.docx” are no longer offered.

Did this feature get pulled?

I don’t recall it ever being offered as an option because you cannot save to docx but I have just clicked on a docx document and 3.1.1 opened it immediately.

Which version of OpenOffice are you using? I’m using from the OpenOffice STABLE repository (version and I have the option to save as .docx and open .docx as well.](

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I will check my version, and see what I am using. I might not have the updated patches/updates…thanks for pointing this out.


I obviously haven’t checked everything in 3.1.1 yet as I have only just installed it;)