OpenOffice 3.x : issue on Word, xls, ...

Hi everyone,

Since an upgrade to opensuse 11.1 and ooo3, I am having troubles to save my ms-word documents, or ms-excel documents, and even export to PDF. When saving, writer freezes completely, the only way is to force quit the program.

I tried to get back to version 2.4.1 of OpenOffice suite, tried the 3.0.1, and even the last (unstable) 3.1 : same behavior !

Any idea to solve the issue would be greatly welcome !


Try removing all openoffice packages, i.e. realy all, then reinstall from the repo in
Did you tell the installer to ignore any deps? That’s usually what brings trouble like this.

Thanks for the reply,

Everytime I tried one, I first removed the existing one.

But I have not tried from repo, I will try that.

What do you mean by ‘ignore any deps’ ?

This issue was about opening/saving files on an NFS NAS…

Here is the workaround :

Solution to OpenOffice NFS locking problems