OpenOffice 3.1.1. in opensuse 11.2, KDE, Gnome and Wmaker


I have experienced that OpenSuse in KDE in Opensuse 11.2 could not export .odg file to .png. However, that is done flawlessly in Gnome.
Inserted png image in WMaker did not show up in Gnome and KDE. I Guess that soemthing si worng with integration of OPenOffice in KDE and Gnome. Any hints?


Hi wucic,

the Opensuse 3.1.1. in 11.2 has some problems which did not occur in 11.1.
You can export png files when you delete the Opensuse KDE4 package. The KDE4 integration is defective.
See also following thread: OpenOffice and Opensuse 11.2 - openSUSE Forums




Thanks it works now after deletion of openofficekde4 package.

best wishes,

Vedran Vucic