This means maybe soon coming OpenOffice 3.0.1-version…?
Is it beta? and is it like the others factory-verions before in this (factory)tread?

Index of /repositories/

I think stabilytet (?) like, whis is very well.

Sorry my poor ‘english’ :shame:

When they are in the “unstable” file tree, that means the Developers are working on them. If you are not a bleeding edge tester, I recommend staying with the “stable” file tree – especially on a production system;) Consider it Beta.

You could make a separate install, one for production & one for testing & have the best of both worlds.

BTW, nothing wrong with your English;)

maybe it is better, but I working now with and it is unstable too… but not in my work
and I think if the 3.0.99 is maybe ‘stanbilised’ unstable like… or not…?

What new include 3.0.99?

is more unstable than was?
Both is/was unstable-version, or developer-version…