openmw problems

Don’t know how to get in touch with the maintainer so I am posting here. openmorrowind was recently updated to 0.38 which fixed
the startup library error, but now I get a large number of errors relating to dds type files, like unknown readerwriter…anyone know why this
is happening?? Thanks

OK, so the ‘dds’ is directdraw surface…so this is covered by opengl (Mesa for opensuse) right? So why aren’t they decoded?

dds is a Microsoft invention.

So it may be a video driver issue. You may need proprietary drivers that support the extended 3D rendering sets.

Did you install from the games repo?

Seems to have installed OK here (openSUSE 13.2 64-bit KDE4), but of course no original disk.

:~> openmw
Installing crash catcher
Loading config file: /etc/openmw/openmw.cfg... done.
OpenMW version 0.38.0
Using default (English) font encoding.
No content file given (esm/esp, nor omwgame/omwaddon). Aborting...

Also nvidia 340.65 blob…

OK, digging further, there’s no library to render the dds textures. However there is a plugin for gimp, so it should be doable.

You may want to rise the issue in the OBS. Perhaps dropping a comment there will suffice:

Just log in with the same username/password you use here and roll to the bottom of the page.

I run Eternal Lands which does use DDS and have no problems but do require the NVIDIA driver. The nouveau driver does not appear to have all the needed GL extension the last time I tried.

Well, I did try with a borrowed disk. After the (normal) ESIII splash screen I get a solid pink display and a small square pink cursor that’s inactive. Terminal show same dds error messages as the OP. Tried both in windowed and FS mode.

I’m runing nvidia blob, as noted previously.