OpenLDAP server


Seem like the way to set up OpenLDAP server on Leap15 is different with previous version.

Is there any new document to guide?

I followed below guide to set up but not success. There is no Authentication Server in YaST.

Thank you.

If you install yast2-auth-server, there is “Create New Directory Server”. It is not quite the same though. Note that default LDAP server was changed to 389 Directory Server; you may need to install it manually, at least on my system yast2-auth-server is present (this is update from Leap 42.3) but 389-ds is not, so may be there are missing dependencies.

P.S. it apparently should install missing packages if I actually attempt to create new directory instance.

I have OpenLDAP working like usual with manual configuration.

Any documentation available for OpenLDAP server configuration for Yast on Leap 15?
I want to setup a authentication/directory server without using certificates, this task was really easy with previous versions of OpenSUSE.

This is the current LEAP 15 documentation for LDAP, including using YaST to set up a client.
I haven’t personally reviewed it yet for accuracy… but I’d recommend you start here


I have get my OpenLDAP working on LEAP15.

Thank you.

Please assist with a How to Guide. Im also trying to setup openLdap on openSuse LEAP 15


I am a Linux newbie and was used to the old server. Please assist with How to of configuring manually openLDAP in LEAP 15


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