openldap: how to disable syncrepl after using it - still shows up when typing "slapindex"

Hi guys,

I used syncrepl to get initial data into my test ldap-server. I turned it off (I guess) by deleting the corresponding lines in slapd.conf. But “slapindex” gives me the following output:
xxx:/ # slapindex
syncrepl rid=001 searchbase=“dc=forsa,dc=de”: no retry defined, using default
olcSyncrepl: value #0: <olcSyncrepl> invalid URL
config error processing olcDatabase={1}hdb,cn=config: <olcSyncrepl> invalid URL
slapindex: bad configuration file!

I do not want to use syncrepl anymore, what do I have to do? Is that even possible afterwards?

Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers,