OpenJDK docker images on OBS

Hi everyone

I stumbled over openjdk images in but they stopped at openjdk 16.
So i wanted to contribute 17, 18 and 19 but i am confused as to how those images are build.
When looking at the openSUSE:Containers:Tumbleweed Project i see that every openjdk package version has its own docker package in OBS, but where do they come from and how would contribute newer versions of openjdk?


The OpenJDK images in are built from the packages available in the openSUSE:Containers:Tumbleweed project in OBS (Open Build Service). To contribute newer versions of OpenJDK (e.g. 17, 18, 19), you would need to package the desired OpenJDK version and submit it to the openSUSE:Containers:Tumbleweed project in OBS. If the package builds successfully and passes the required tests, it will then become available in the project and can be used to build the corresponding OpenJDK image.

To package a new version of OpenJDK, you would typically need to create a new package specification in OBS and then build the package using the OBS build environment. This can involve creating or modifying existing build scripts and ensuring that the packaged software meets the openSUSE packaging guidelines. You can find more information on how to package software for openSUSE in the openSUSE Packaging Handbook.


Thanks jamesmillere for your valuable information. It really helps.