Opening windows on specific monitor

I have a multi-head system (three monitors). Using KDE 3.6 I was able to specify that new windows were to open on the monitor on which the mouse cursor was located. I don’t recall where the setting was configured but I can’t find anything like it in 4.3. Is there somewhere I can set this option or is it no longer available?

So, I have just found what you are looking for using two monitors and it should work for three. You have to open the Personnel Settings application from the menu. Then open Computer Administration > Display >Size & Orientation. You need to set the Position for one of the monitors to Absolute. Then one each monitor needs to be Above, Below, Right or Left with no two the same. Press the Apply button.

Now go down to the Multiple Monitor settings which should now be active and set the Show unmanaged Windows on: to Display Containing the Pointer. Now this is the first time I have ever tried this setup, so I could be missing something so let me know if it works like you thought.

Thank You,

I was finally able to give this a try. The problem I’ve encountered is that I can’t make any changes in the Size & Orientation screen. The following notice is shown:

Your X server does not support resizing and rotating the display. Please update to version 4.3 or greater. You need the X Resize, Rotate, and Reflect extension (RANDR) version 1.1 or greater to use this feature. is at 7.4-35.3, though and I couldn’t find an RANDR extension to install.

One thing of note is that I’m using the Nvidia configuration tool which allows me to adjust the positioning. I’ve done as you suggested and set one as Absolute with the other in relation to it (RightOf). I’ve also made sure that the Show unmanaged windows on: setting is Display Containing the Pointer. I’m still not able to ensure new windows open on the screen where the pointer is, though. They still open in random locations.