Opening/viewing more than one PDF at a time


I have recently updated from Opensuse 11.2 to 11.3 . I am now having problems with viewing or opening more than one PDF file at a time. If I have a PDF file open, when I open a second one. I get a page with nothing on it. When I close the first PDF file, an I try to open the second one, it opens with no problems. I am not quite sure what is causing it. By the way this happens when I try to view files from a browser for example from sciencedirect.

I would appreciate any comments.


Try creating a new user account
See if it’s any better

But this is not normal that you are seeing

Which PDF viewer are you using? I do not have this problem with Okular.

I didn’t do anything and now it’s just fixed. I think it might have been that I didn’t have enough disk space and the PC was running slow… but not sure really.