Opening a file in Dolphin locks Dolphin


Up through opensuse 13.2 I could open a file from Dolphin, then go back and open other files too.

Suddenly, with the jump to a clean install of LEAP 42.2, if I open a file from Dolphin, Dolphin becomes locked;

If I want to open something else from Dolphin, I have to open another Dolphin and open the additional file from there.


Did you copy over /home from 13.2 perhaps? Try creating a new user account and the login to that account. Do you then get the same issue with dolphin occurring?

Hi Deano; Yes, I did indeed copy from a backup of 13.2 /home. In a newly-created user account Dolphin works correctly, at least, the way it used to.

Is there a way to get 42.2 working properly?

I still classify myself as “only an egg” regarding the cli, so if it becomes necessary in troubleshooting, help with that also will be greatly appreciated!

Clarification may be needed. Did you mean, newly-created in 13.1, or in 42.2?

If you newly-created it in 42.2, simply copy the Dolphin config file from the new user to your regular account, making certain that you change the ownership and permissions to those of your regular account. BEFORE you do that, though, rename the Dolphin config by perhaps adding “bak” to the end of the extension. You can then compare ownership and permissions, plus might even then run a file compare to see if you can spot the offending setting.

That might take care of the problem. It is obviously a user configuration problem somewhere, since the problem is not present in the new user login.

The first suspect, of course, would be the Dolphin config.

Good luck.

I’m assuming the pertinent file is ~/.config/dolphinrc, so check for differences between your new and original user accounts. You could just remove it (or back it up as Fraser_bell already suggested), and when you next launch Dolphin it will be recreated anyway. Then just tweak the settings as you like.

… uh, yeah, I was trying to think on a hot day.:shame:

O.K. - I have renamed dolphinrc to dolphinrc-bak, the system created a new one, and I thought that had fixed it, but not so. When I open anything from Dolphin, Dolphin is locked.

I thought the following was a separate issue, but now I think it may be part of the same problem:

When I click a file in Dolphin to open it, in this example, a text file, kwrite opens and functions perfectly, but when I close the text file I get this popup:

KDEInit could not launch ‘/usr/bin/kwrite’

This is with a “vanilla” dolphinrc.

Here is the dolphinrc as it looks at this moment:


Height 1080=1005
Width 1920=750

Nothing in there that I understand, except that I think it contains instructions that define settings in Dolphin. Any ideas as to where else to look?

And this behaviour happens for all users? Or just the original user (where you migrated /home)?

Just the original user, using /home copied over from 13.2. The other “test” user works as it should.

Thanks for being there for us!

I can only offer limited advice here. You could rename ~/.config to ~/.config.old and logout then back in again. (That makes it easy to change back if necessary.) Now, you’ll have a ‘default’ Plasma 5 desktop environment to operate from. You can then tweak your desktop as you like again. See how that goes.