OpenGL not working in LibreOffice? (scrolling laggy)

Yes. It would be best if everyone reports there, so qualified people can hopefully take a deeper look.

As already written in post #15, uninstalling libreoffice-gtk3 almost fixed things on 42.1 & Gnome, including the (non) availability of the OpenGL checkboxes. Unfortunately you appear to need it on XFCE though…

The upstream LO 5.2.2 version appears to work flawless in 42.1 & Gnome, that might be the best solution meanwhile.
Be aware that you have to deselect “Enable HW acceleration” for the “Use OpenGL” setting to work; no artifacts nor sluggishness seen on my system with those settings.

IIRC, libreoffice-gtk3 was split from libreoffice-gnome early in the Leap 42.1 beta testing because of problems that prevented the “full” libreoffice-gnome from working properly. The upstream version has no such splitting apparently.
With libreoffice-gnome uninstalled the only drawback I see on Gnome is the ugly user interface, but everything else seems to work properly in the openSUSE LO 5.1.5.

I cannot check for issues for 42.2 RC1 ATM.

I have added a confirmation to the bug report.

Libreoffice-gtk3 was originally not installed, only libreoffice-gnome. Both OpenGL checkboxes were then visible, but speed was even slower than with installed libreoffice-gtk3, and the screen was flickering with almost every input. Installation of libreoffice-gtk3 improved this much, but far from satisfactorily. When I now deinstall libreoffice-gtk3, I get the same symptoms again, and the two OpenGL boxes appear again. When I then check “Use OpenGL”, uncheck “hardware acceleration” and restart LibreOffice, the program removes the checkmark and reports the current GL status as disabled, while the symptoms remain. So this is no solution for me.

I might try upstream LO 5.2.2, but would prefer to use a version from the opensuse repo.

FYI, I downgraded to LO 5.1.3 (without libreoffice-gtk3) and turning on OpenGL rendering I saw the same behaviour, horizontal scrolling sluggishness and reverse menus on bumblebee-NVIDIA; so no regression at least on my HW.
I just didn’t notice before, since I never cared to enable OpenGL rendering on this HW, the “default” rendering being OK to me.
So the regression you noticed might be HW-dependent, besides being DE-dependent (is it worse with XFCE than with Gnome, for instance?).

Thanks for the idea. I just did that too and in 5.1.3 there is no problem - the scrolling is perfect. I am using Plasma as noted in the OP. So I don’t think it is hardware related.
Will add this info in the bug report.

From what I understand, you are an AMD purist using KDE and do not have this problem.
I have machines with nvidia and AMD GPU, both with Leap 42.1, XFCE and LO and having the same problem. This speaks against the hardware hypothesis.
I rather suspect a problem with the desktop environment (XFCE/Gnome vs. KDE) and/or with LO

I agree it’s not hardware related (same problem with nvidia and AMD GPU).
However, as to LO 5.1.3, OrsoBruno has the same problem with it, only under Gnome. You are using Plasma, which I guess is KDE. I suspect the desktop environment is somehow involved in this problem.
On the other hand, I have no problem with Firefox 49.0 on the same machines. So, maybe some problematic interaction of LO with the desktop environment.

I have the LO problem with nvidia and AMD GPU, which obviously speaks against the hardware hypothesis.
heyjoe has no problem with LO 5.1.3 and Plasma (KDE), while you have it with LO 5.1.3 and Gnome. So, the desktop environment seems to play a role.
XFCE is more like Gnome; both use GTK.

my system is running opensuse leap 42.1 with plasma 5.8.0:
Laptop=Dell latitude E6510, RAM=8Gb, GPU=GT218 NVS 3100M, CPU=i7 Q 720 @ 1.60GHz
upgraded 13.2 to leap 42.1, using wolfi repos. I’m running KDE 4.14.18 and plasma 5.8.0, KDE frameworks 5.27.0, KDE applications 16.08.2, Kernel 4.1.31-30-default, nvidia drivers, libreoffice
I have the same very fastest scrolling in libreoffice.
no problems in scrolling in other applications and browsers.
hi :slight_smile:

Another instance of LO working with KDE (Plasma). On the other hand, heyjoe seems to have a problem with LO (but not 5.1.3) and Plasma …

NOT working, I have the very fastest scrolling problem…:slight_smile:

My problem is not scrolling being too fast but on the contrary - too laggy, i.e. I scroll with the mouse but the interface reacts slowly and in steps.

Problem party solved. On my AMD (CPU and GPU) XFCE system, the LO malfunction disappeared when I deinstalled libreoffice-gtk3. Raleigh menus were normal again, the LO OpenGL checkbox reappeared (the Hardware Acceleration checkbox greyed out, i.e., not selectable), and OpenGL status was “activated”. When I reinstalled libreoffice-gtk3, the problem reappeared, so the connection is obvious.

Same problem still unsolved on my nvidia GPU (Intel CPU) XFCE system, where deinstallation of libreoffice-gtk3 only worsens it. Some hardware dependence after all?

Ah, I misunderstood. I thought you were joking, since our problem was just the reverse.

Ah, I misunderstood. I thought you were joking, since our problem was just the reverse.

maaaaanythanks:) uninstalling libreoffice-gtk solved the very fastest problem for me
the one that ks25 misunderstood ;), my problem was that the scrolling was mach faster than in all the other applications, and also the check boxes now that you lit this lamp.

Great, but credit should go to OrsoBruno. In my own first tries with my AMD machine (when that one also malfunctioned), I may have overlooked something, since I seldom use it. But the configuration that OrsoBruno described (libreoffice-gtk3 deinstalled, LO Hardware Acceleration unchecked, OpenGL checked) seems to be the one from which to proceed with all further tries, even on nvidia machines. (He has nvidia, and it works for him, so there should be a solution.)

Our freedom under linux to misconfigure our machines is vast; I guess that’s why we prefer it to other operating systems.

the one I uninstalled is libreoffice-gtk3, not libreoffice-gtk, that is not on my system.
the scroll problem is solved but I tested with a simple calc sheet, I tested today on a working sheet, that usually is more complicate, ant it result too much slow and laggy to use, I reinstalled libreoffice-gtk3 and I think I will survive with very fastest scroll becouse laggyness and slow sheets are worst than this :slight_smile:

At least we have the same problem now. Yes, we are talking about libreoffice-gtk3, not -gtk. And yes, it’s the big files where it gets intolerable. (I have a text file with over 1,000 pages.)
Keeping libreoffice-gtk3 installed is also my mode of survival on my nvidia machine: it’s far from satisfactory (in Writer, scrolling is still too slow and menus are miscolored), but much better than without.

Interestingly, my AMD machine does not require libreoffice-gtk3; OpenGL can be enabled on it. (I use the open-source AMD driver, but the proprietary nvidia driver.)
Are only systems with nvidia affected? Does VDPAU play a role in it?