OpenGL apps mouse movement problem

I’m using openSUSE 11.0 x86_64 and I’m suffering the following problem: my mouse cursor moves only right and down in any OpenGL app. The cursor movement seems to be okay while it’s handled by KDE (for example, in Neverball or ManiacDrive menus); but when it’s handled by app (I’ve tried Quake3, Smokin’ Guns, ManiacDrive with precompiled binaries and self-compiled Neverball) it moves only right and down. Even when I move mouse up, cursor moves down. I’m using Logitech MX1100 and nVidia 8800 GTS with the latest drivers from nVidia site if that helps.

Uh. Seems that it’s partly solved, not the way I’d like it though. I use two displays, and didn’t think that’s important. Disabling the Xinerama mode helped, mouse cursor moves as it should; though it was more comfortable with Xinerama mode working. I’ve played around with other settings in nvidia-settings but it didn’t help. Does anyone have any suggestions how to make both cursor and Xinerama work?