OpenGL and 2011 as the year of Linux

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OpenGL and 2011 as the year of Linux – Will it be because of the Apple/Valve romance? « Jedibeeftrix’s Blog

What openGL version do we use in openSUSE? What version the ATI and nvidia drivers support?

This seems an interesting prospect for linux, what do you think?

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My Take on Linux - Will it Ever Beat Windows? - Page 22 - openSUSE Forums

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the argument has a lot of merit to me.

certainly helped by the uptick in development, which appears to be having it own OpenGL 3.0 renaissance moment after the wilderness years of 1.6.

NVIDIA just released drivers with OpenGL 3.3. ATi is still behind

And stop with the “year of the desktop Linux”! It’s getting tiring already :confused:

I even heard some smart tv guy say: “2010 is the year of the future”. Normally I don’t laugh about stupidity and emptiness on tv, this time I went completely berserk for laughing.

Last year was a year for the linux desktop, the year before, and before that as well, next year will be a year for the linux desktop, and let’s hope many happy years for the linux desktop may come.

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And stop with the “year of the desktop Linux”! It’s getting tiring already :confused:

Good luck with that. It seems to be a catch phrase for reporters/bloggers.

For me the year of Linux was 2007, I think. It was when Windows got purged from my machines. Anything after that is just icing on the cake :slight_smile:

Bom diá!
I just felt I have to congratulate you for the intuition. It is true, 2007 was the year of Linux. In this year I substituted Windows on all machines of my parents and on my personal one. When I did I wasn’t knowing that it would have had repercussions up to Brazil. But I am very happy that you followed my choice lol!lol!lol! Obrigado!

Seriously, the thing is: there is no such thing like the “year of”. Linux only 5 years ago was not seen by anybody of the big public (the one that goes into supermarkets and asks themselves questions about which cornflakes to buy) as a real alternative. Now you go into a journal shop and there are nearly 5 reviews of Linux for differentiated public.

Currently the “usual suspects” are creating a frontal attack on trying to divide the community on the desktop environment used (curious, since the desktop is changeable and to my understanding and feeling the minor part of the importance of the idea of Linux and OSS).

Today I have no need at all to change to Windows OS. And there is no need to write big articles on Akonadi and that it is bloated and bla bla bla - since it is even signed as “in progress”. So how come that all this is going on? Probably because the “year of Linux” is continuously arriving for a lot of persons around the globe. ***One will leave but two or three will come.

Greetings to Brazil. We have sunshine here in Europe today so I will sit in the park getting some rays with my “Linuxified Laptop” and will have a great day. Hope for you it will be a great morning (since you will have the sunrise in only a few hours).
“Samba!” (and for one time it’s not about printers).


Thank you! I wish you many sunny days. :slight_smile:

I’ve been in Paris, Brussels and London last December/January and, OMG, hell must be freezing cold, not hot. I can deal with hot weather, but the below-zero cold (plus a small snowstorm/chill factor when walking around London) really hurts.