Opene suse KDE 64bit Installation hangs

Tried twice, burned two different DVDs (DVD +RW) for installation of opensuse 12.1 64 bit iso image

Filled in all parameters (KDE, location, partioning and started install)

However, installation hangs for one hour at exactly same spot, message is following:

Installing packages, remaining 1939 Gb, 694 packages

can’t be coincidence … don’t know what to do anymore :frowning:

I would perhaps try installing using the live cd. Though did you also check for errors on the dvd? Sometimes a tiny fault in the download can cause problems.

O, didn’t think of that possibility. Indeed I installed wright from the boot screen … and no, I didn’t ask for verification after burning. However, don’t know how to check for errors. I’ll start from the live session first and report …

Now I saw the option to check the installtion media, doing that now … media is identified as Opensuse-DVD-x86-64-Build0039

I don’t think I donwloaded the live DVD iso because the boot screen only has “boot from HD”, “Installation”, “Check media” and some other options :\

“No errors found” … strange

Considered to use Live USB in stead, however, doesn’t seem to work with W7 due to some bug

Stuck again …

Apparently downloaded wrong iso; now downloaded Live KDE iso, even worse: boot live session or straight installation menu: hangs with black screen
I have asus N55SF; any bugs reported with that laptop ?

It would help to know the graphics card. Try booting and adding the parameter nomodeset to the boot options.

My first successful install was with,
nomodeset and
selecting the screen resolution 1280 * 1024, it would not work with the default selection
suggest you try a resolution compatible with your monitor/screen

I tried nomodset 800x600 and nomodset text mode …
My graphics card is GT550

Black screens … it’s weird because before I was able to install sabayon, zorin and mint w/o all these problems …
I will keep trying but another time … maybe try from USB

Looks like your graphics chip is supported by the latest NVidia driver:

NVIDIA DRIVERS 270.41.06Certified

If you can just get the installation to finish by using nomodeset at 800 x 600 (or even 640 x 480) then install the NVidia driver and you’ll be fine.

Thanks. Could you tell me when the problem with the install from USB will be solved ?