opendchub for opensuse 11.3

I recently switched from ubuntu to opensuse 11.3 kde, I need to have a dc hub software as I make the dc server in my college. I found an rpm for opensuse 11.2, but when I start opendchub i get not found error and after so much searching I can not find a way to install it. Please help, I need the server to be up and running asap.

Search the software installer for, check ‘Provides’ when searching.
Done that, it says that perl has to be installed, you may need perl-32bit as well.
On my laptop I have

Hope this helps you.

Next time, please investigate and test things like this, before switching to another OS. Just a kind advice.

I should have but I thought a dc hub software has to be available for opensuse. No assumptions from now on :smiley: is there where you are saying it should be, opendchub doesn’t see it.

Do you need the 32 bit version?

I don’t think so, its a 64 bit program, moreover I don’t remember installing 32 bit perl liabreries on any other distro.
Maybe opendchub expects the file to be somewhere else. Are there any better supported hub softwares for opensuse ?