OpenCL: Linux equivalent?

So just outta curiosity, are there any Linux developers working on an equivalent technology to Apple’s OpenCL or Microsoft’s equivalent tech in DirectX 11? Just seems that this is something that can really separate OS X and Windows from Linux if no equivalent is ever developed.

For those who do not know what OpenCL is go here and here.

Nvidia/cuda is already available?

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CUDA is NVIDIA only though, and this seems to be designed to run on any GPU, be it ATI, NVIDIA, Intel or even SIS.

But the CUDA page states

Programmers use C for CUDA, compiled through a PathScale Open64 C compiler,[1] to code algorithms for execution on the GPU. CUDA is architected to support all computational interfaces, including C and new open standards like OpenCL and DX11 Compute
So everyone with a NVIDIA can make use of it at least?

Think ATI’s counter to CUDA is stream?

All I keep reading is that everything is similar to C, wouldn’t that make it somewhat OS independent if done properly?

I’ve read the ATI Catalyst x.12 release driver supported the GPU application framework, simulataneously released with Windows version.

Lets hope ATI’s driver improvement continues, and that the FOSS RadeonHD driver provides quality support for the newer cards soon, now documenation is released.

So, from this old thread, have things moved a bit?

I went on openFATE to see if this feature is part of it and can’t find it!

Top feature on the list is KDE DEFAULT. Come on, OpenCL is way more important to keep up the pace with Apple and Windows. :slight_smile:

Trying to get the whole list of features I get a gateway time-out, so…

> to keep up the pace with Apple and Windows.

wow! don’t you know that MS “innovates” by copying both Mac and KDE?
they certainly are NOT the pacesetter, just the biggest bully on the


You might be right (Apple developed this cross-plaform API), but that’s not the point here. My point is that will opensuse keep up what others are about to release? Cuz I didn’t see anything about openCL in the features list for a later release (11.3+).

OpenCL is just as relevant to linux and windows as it is to OSX.

The real question is when the components upstream to opensuse begin to use OpenCL…?