Openbox (NOT-kde) no sound for games after zypper dup 12.2>12.3

“container”… So inside whatever .ogg came with amoebax would be .wav?

No, just think of them as two different file formats. Ogg can be compared with MP3, WAV files are typically raw audio with much greater quality (and much larger in size).

Ogg is probably close to what one may call the standard media format on Linux, and is typically installed on openSUSE by default.

It would appear that on Mar 27, gogalthorp did say:

> I suspect you were missing a shim library. The older games may be using
> alsa so you need the alsa to pulse library I forget the name but it is
> oblivious if you do a yast search on pulse.
> Also for some things like Skype you may need 32bit libraries for the
> shims

Not sure if you mean this:

UnderTree=-> zypper search pulse|grep alsa
| alsa-plugins-pulse            | Pulseaudio Plug-In for the ALSA Library                                 | package
| alsa-plugins-pulse-32bit      | Pulseaudio Plug-In for the ALSA Library                                 | package

But that was one of the 8 dependent packages removed when I did the

zypper rm pulseaudio

Thanks for the input though. I can see how having pulseaudio without the alsa
lib plugin could cause something like the problem I’d had…


It is also possible that older games may go direct to the device. Which of course won’t work if something else say pulse is attached.