openbiblio install help

I would like to get openbiblio running on Opensuse 11.0 for test
purposes in our school. We are currently using a Follett product for
our library catalog which requires an agent be installed on each
workstation. I like the idea of a web-based library catalogue.

Here is where I am so far: I installed from the live cd and did
updates. I changed to a static ip address

I have enabled the education repository and am wondering what to do
next. I already tried to install the program, but when it was finished,
I didn’t know what to do next. Will all the necessary LAMP stuff
install automatically? Any help appreciated. Thanks!


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Don’t think so, have a read here for some instructions;

Google should also help, then I think if you can break down your issues
to specific steps it may be easier to help :slight_smile:

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