Open-Xchange Calendar not displaying in Kontact/Korganizer

I added an Open-Xchange (OX) account to Kontact using the provided tool, and received a good contact check with the server in the process. After clicking on Apply and OK at the end of the process, I returned to the main calendar display. The new Open-Xchange calendar does not appear on the calendar management area. Therefore, there’s no way to view the calendar or interact with it at all. Returning to the Calendars tab in General Setup, the Open-Xchange account appears and its settings are still correct, but it still doesn’t show in Kontact or Korganizer. The Google process works fine and its calendars appear in Kontact. Is something in Kontact/Korganizer broken relative to Open-Xchange? Is there something I’m missing?

For reference, I have no issues on my Android with access to the OX calendar, or in my browser. I’m trying to replace the Google calendar with OX, and I have it working everywhere but on the KDE desktop.

FWIW, I got the OX calendar and tasks working through CalDav in Kontact. I found the CalDav address link in the web calendar version. It has some issues, but it works well enough. I’d really like to get things working through the OX Groupware account setup, but it still doesn’t appear in the calendar management section. According to bug reports, this was an issue a few years back. Really hoping that it was fixed and I’m just missing something.