Open-Xchange Appsuite

Any experience if the buildservice collaboration groupware “Open-Xchange Appsuite” (ox7) is complete, and does install and work flawlessly on openSUSE 13.1?

To get a look and feel I thought to possibly install both the backend and frontend on a single workstation, but miss a complete installation and setup guide for OX7 Appsuite and its dependices like MySQL, Apache and IMAP connection to a mail server.


Looks like something new and interesting, I’ll probably take a look at it sometime as well.

Yes, it looks like the project’s resources are in different places…
Here is what I found

The main website
One place you can find more extensive documentation
Another place you’ll find documetnation (the so-called knowledgebase)

Seems interesting because

  • It’s server-based so supports among other things live collaboration/creation
  • Apps are HTML5 based and “responsive designed.” In plain words, no client installation required. You only need to open an HTML5 capable web browser to the server app’s URL from any device which can range from smartphones to tablets to full Desktops and content should be automatically formatted for that device.


  • Its more capable document viewing/editing tool is currently only available in the commercial (paid) version with an official release date “sometime” in 2015.


Yes, and the over 10-years history of Openexchange SUSE Linux (SLOX) is also interesting

After the Novell take-over of SuSE, they gave away the code and at the same time the suite was renamed to Open-Xchange (OX, in Europe)

My take is that Novell did this due to that OX in some way became a competitor to their own planned Novell Open Workgroup Suite (NOWS) on Open Enterprise Server (OES/SLES), which includes Groupwise and Vibe to-day (previous Teaming). We already have Vibe as part of NOWS, but I’m not happy that the Linux desktop is less supported (Vibe desktop for Windows and Mac only).

Therefore I am interested to see if Linux desktop are fully supported by the OX7 Appsuite, though I’m afraid that some of the new features are not(?)

A previous (2012) description of the 7.0 Appsuite community version is this document