Open Vpn configuration kde

Does anyone know how to configure an open vpn connection in kde using network manager?

I’ve found it pretty straightforward.

In Network Manager,
Click on the VPN tab.

And on you go. If you have specific Q, then post.


Ok these are the questions that i have

  1. the gateway i have sorted
  2. connection type, which do i select? at the moment it is selected on X.509 with password
  3. CA file. What is this and where do i find it??
  4. Certificate, again where do i find that?
  5. Key, where do i find that?
  6. Key password? what is this, do i need to fill this in as under that is username and password which is clear

Those are questions for your VPN provider. Only they can answer them. They provide the ca and key files and they can tell you how to configure the client to connect to their servers.