Open Suse Question

Hi All

I’m setting up a server and trying to install open Suse because everyone keeps telling how good and easier it is to use over windows yet after trying suse io in a vuirtual machine in vista(even that was some work but I did get there)now trying to install Suse on a clean HDD both Suse 10.1 and suse 11 just will not complete thier installation.Sesu 10.1 asks me for a rescue login and a password not 5 minutes into the root install and Suse 11 just won’t complete the install,and they take so so long.

It takes Suse nearly all day to install and still don’t finish.

If i’m going to run a server how am I expected to beleave it’s as good as people say it is when all I ever get and read about is install problems and root problems.

At least windows works even though it may have minor issues involving patches but at least it starts up.

If anyone can help me with either of these issus ,I don’t care which one I get running it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you:’(

Without some description of your system specs it’s difficult to say, and you don’t report any error messages.

Installation Help - openSUSE

I have no error messages other than in Suse 10.1 where during the install root section it asks me for a == rescue login and password ===It won’t go any further than that intill it’s typed in( I’v tried many things and nothing works).
As for Suse 11 it just stops and and goes black,I left it like that for 24 hours to see what would happen,nothing
My system spec are
Dell precision workstation 650
1gb ram
dual cpu at 2ghz each
160gb hdd

it’s a server so nothing fancy in the grafics side of things

What else can I say other than sorry I can’t say more,Wish I could

I would pursue Suse 11.0 personally. It will be much better

try these boot options at the boot menu



:\Trying it now it just takes so long,it’s been on the first green screen now for 30 minutes and the white bar has only done abot 2% of the way…I had seen the suse installation guide on the link you gave me but I have never yet got to the welcome screen.

I will let you know how this goes it just may take a while,lol


If you press Esc you will see whats going on while booting.
Post any errors.
Also 10.1 is at the end of it’s support cycle.


I’m installing Suse 11 as you suggested.

This is where I’m at and it’s now 7 hours since I started,thanks for the ESC tip too .

There are no error messages wrtten or anything that has failed in the the root screen.
As you could imagine it would take to long to write everything I read in the root screen and you would probably now the order it takes much better than me anyway but the short version is like this( the last 5 reads in the root screen are)

drivers: e1000
loading e1000
Realtek RT8139
drivers: 8139too,8139cp

And it has stoped there.everything above that has OK beside it and nothing reads failed or otherwise.

I am baffled and I will leave it like that all night to see what happens.It’s now midnight.

I thank you all for your help and time and just so you know I dhave follow your instructions so please don’t think you talking to a dummy.

It’s hanging on your network card.

I don’t see much good with this card.
8139too - Google Search

There is also this one
8139too - Google Search

Now different screens contain different information.
ctrl-alt-f2, ctrl-alt-f3 and ctrl-alt-f11 maybe some good ones to start with.

You may also want to try this on the grub command line.
acpi=force pci=noacpi
Here is the grub manual GNU GRUB Manual 0.97

Letting it “run” for hours is pointless - it’s not running. It stopped at the detection.

The kernel is hanging at loading the network drivers, and I noticed it is trying to load 3 - 1 is for the Intel e1000 and the other 2 are for Realtec devices. It may be that the 2 Realtec drivers are conflicting with one another. In any event, I suggest you force the kernel to bypass this detection, and then work on it after installation.

To do that, use the “brokenmodules=” argument in the Boot Options field down below on the DVD boot menu. I would try each of the following in succession, booting after each, until one works:

brokenmodules=8139too brokenmodules=8139cp brokemodules=e1000

By the way, it’s also pointless to do broadly generalized frustrated complaining like in your first post. And this kind of thing does happen all the time with Windows - for a real treat try installing Vista on a machine built for XP that uses SATA.

In my post immediately above, the last kernel argument syntax is incorrect. With more than one module being suppressed, it should be:


Sorry about that.

The 8139too and 8139cp drivers cannot be loaded at the same time. It’s one or the other (I don’t use either, but I assume they provide overlapping functionality). Would this qualify as a bug in udev? Shouldn’t it know better than to load two conflicting modules?

Fair question. However, looking back at post #7 (and assuming that it was transcribed exactly) it looks as if the kernel detects the Realtec device and identifies 2 drivers, and then when it tries to load 8139too, it hangs. I don’t see it actually trying to load the 8139cp.

I’m not sure what you mean by the drivers “cannot be loaded at the same time”. Yes, they can.

I have a similar situation on one of my boxes. There are 2 network device drivers that work, both are detected at installation; I have the option of choosing which to configure and consequently have loaded at reboot.

What I would think should happen though is that if one cannot be loaded then the kernel should proceed to the next one. When a lockup like this occurs, IME that means that the kernel encountered a condition for which it does not have an error trap.

Yeah I have installed 11.0 and it works for me with few minor issues. I haven’t tried 10.1, but is the difference so significant between these two version? If it is there must be hardwork has been putted in for 11.0. :smiley:

The differences are enormous, and, generally speaking, track the advances made in the kernel, the desktop environment, and management services. 10.1 goes back ~3 years.


Thanks for all the tips and I will get into it right away.

I set up Suse inside a vitual machine on my Vista desktop and guess what it all went well without any hic-ups so what you are telling me makes sence and I will be tring in.

Thank you all and I be back with an update ASAP

OH and leaving it going all night is pointless as I knew it would be but at least I can’t say I didn’t give it a chance,LOL

Thanks again


I really thank you as I did as you said and it’s installing at the moment just in although it’s taking 5 hours so far and still not yet finished it has gone forward and reached the ==Perform Installation===section which at this point is ok.

Only took 1 and a half hours to install on my virtual machine in Vista ,but the again thats a much faster and advanced quad core system.

I will let you know how it goes when it’s done.

Thank yourotfl!

Hi again,I spoke to soon.

This is what the error message says,It’s a long one

<heading>installation of package./suse/i586/gdbm-1.8.3-244.1.rpm failed<heading>

<errorcode>subprocess failed.Error:RPMdb:/mnt/var/lib/rpm/filemd5s:file size not a multiple of the pagesize
error:cannot open filemd5s indexusing db3-invalid argument(22)rpmdb:/var/lib/rpm/filemd5s:file size not a multiple of the pagesize error:%post(gdbm-1.8.3-344.1.i586)scriptlet failed.exit status 225<errorcode>

Now since this is a 2 disc dvd install I’m not sure if it means it needs the other disc,although I tried to open the dvd-rom and it wouldn’t open to let me change it,So I would have to maybe think that it would ask for the other disc to be put in when it need it.I had a look at the secound disc and there is a file inthere with md5sums in it,Not sure if that helps anyone.

Can anyone help please

HI it’s me again

I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing here but I click on the IGNORE button for the error message and although it’s advancining the rpmdb error (different files but all rpmdb files) keeps showing up at the rate of about 30 per % it advancesand it takes about 20minutes pre % to advance.Am I right to contiue and hopefully once/if it ends can I get the missing files online.Or will I not be able to.

Contiuing problem

What do you mean by “2 disc DVD”? I only know of single DVD media.

The errors you are getting - and the time it is taking - sound like defective media.