Open suse installation Problem

hello everyone,
I wanted to install opensuse alongside windows 7.As i insert my opensuse dvd and reboot the laptop, opensuse homepage opens up and when i click on INSTALLATION, ''Loading Linux Kernel" comes and after it gets loaded…black screen appears and nothing happens and i am forced to directly switch off my laptop.It occurs every time.
Can anyone please help me and tell me where is the problem occuring and how can i solve it??
PS:i Have burned the dvd 2-3 times and has set the lowest burning speed.

Thanks in advance,

Hello, welcome with your first post here.

You should at least mention which DVD you downloaded and burned.
Also did you do the md5check on the downloaded .iso file to be sure it is not corrupt?
You can also check the burned DVD for that checksum.

I assume that what you call the “opensuse homepage” is the green screen with the menu to choose what to boot (it is called the GRUB boot screen).
Use the down arrow key to go to the Install item (as you did before) and then type the word


in the line that you see also. Then hit Return. Please come back here to tell if it worked.

it worked.thank you…
I want to install opensuse gnome 11.4 64 bit and want to replace ubuntu.
can you please tell me how to select the partition in which ubuntu is installed so that opensuse replaces it…I am not able to change the partition,
thanks in advance…

You can change the partition in the Disk section of the installation. See section 1.10 of the reference documentation.

We are not clairvoyant. You should ask Ubuntu. Go in Ubuntu and make a list of your present partitioning with

fdisk -l

and to see what Ubuntu uses for waht do

cat /etc/fstab

Post the output here.

And before I forget, computer output is to be posted between CODE tags: Posting in Code Tags - A Guide

opensuse got installed perfectly…
But after that…i was partitioning using PARTED MAGIC…and i did a mistake in it…and now when i boot my PC…OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND comes…
Please tell what to do know so that my opensuse and windows 7 can come back…
Thanks in advance…

Depends on what you did. If you just nuked the MBR all is well just replace it. But Parted Magic is powerful and you can if you are not careful wipe the disk. So you have any clue at what you did? What were you trying to do?

I was trying to partition my drive into two parts so that in 1 part i can install ubuntu.and other part can be used in windows…and by mistake i gave a wrong system file name and therefore opensuse partitions got damaged because of which no operationg system can be started…

Hmmm So you were moving things around and you broke something. Hard to say how much damage you did. But in any case can you see any error messages?

Basically you need to reinstall the generic MBR code that should allow booting to Windows if you have the boot flag set on the Windows boot partition.

You can do that with a Windows repair/install disk if you have one or Parted magic should be able to do it. Or just reinstall OpenSuse. But be sure to leave the space or partitions you want for further additions.

“OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND” is the only thing which comes…
i have a opensuse grub…
If i reinstall opensuse will both windows 7 and opensuse come back??

I reinstalled opensuse and both windows 7 and opensuse came back because i had a opensuse grub.
But i have one problem…when i start my laptop and select opensuse and there is vga=0x317 written on Boot Options…then my opensuse doesnt start…and a black screen comes and i am forced to directy switch off my laptop.When i switch on my laptop again, beep is heard for some time and after which screen is black so again i have to switch off my laptop directly and when i switch it on again…there is no problem.

Also, if im running windows or even opensuse (by deleting vga=0x317 from Boot Options) and i restart my laptop to run opensuse (vga=0x317 is written) there is no problem…and opensuse gets booted perfectly ie there is problem in going to OPENSUSE only when i start my laptop.

Can anyone please tell me where is the problem and how to solve it and what does vga= 0x317 signfies???
Thanks in advance…