Open Suse For Education With Linux

Hy I have recentally get the DVD for Linux at BITA Fair Can i Install Both Windows and Open Suse in single Hardisk Without creating any partition in Hard Drive.
Just Like Ubuntu Linux???
Please Help Me As soon As Possible

what you can not do is dual boot Windows and Ubuntu without having
created hard disk partitions for Ubuntu!

so, is your question: Can i remove Ubuntu and put openSUSE in its
existing partitions space and end with Windows dual booting with

that answer is yes

or, is your question: Can i install openSUSE over an existing Ubuntu’s
partitions and then have a window/openSUSE dual boot?

that answer is also yes

or, is your question: Can i add openSUSE to an existing Windows/Ubuntu
dual boot machine without creating new partitions?

that answer is no

but, if your question is: Can i add openSUSE to an existing
Windows/Ubuntu dual boot machine and have triple boot?

that answer is yes, maybe (if you have sufficient free space available
and are willing to add the necessary partition and edit grub)

however, a ‘yes’ answer above does not mean it is gonna be a
non-thinking install!! some thinking and planning is gonna be
needed…READ first…it is too late to read if you wait until you
have already destroyed what you wanna keep…

there are plenty of existing threads in the forum to answer all your
questions in the detail you need to proceed safely…but, READ!

your “Please Help Me As soon As Possible” tells me you might not have
the patience needed to be successful–please prove me wrong!


Hy palladium
Thanks For the Reply
Actually I wants to use this Linux with My Existing Windows.
Let me tell you My PC configuration

I have One Hard-disk with 3 drive C,D & E
C contains 28 GB Of which 12 GB is free.
so i wants to install this Open-suse with it.
Is is possible 4 me put 2 OS in the same partition or say in One Drive C?

Thanks & Regards
Ajay Patel

The only reasonable way to do it is to install a Virtual Machine Like VirtualBox from Sun Or VMware server then install Linux into that.

so u mean i cant install it like Ubuntu??

That is exactly what he means and the reason he was suggesting virtualising is that the amount of free space you have is fairly limited. So you would either have to limit Windows or limit openSUSE to run both as a dual boot without virtualising.

actullay i am new to suse linux and dont know what is this Virtualization means??

patelajay wrote:
> dont know what is this Virtualization means??

for your education on Virtualization, read here

is sounds like you are just wanting to give openSUSE a try out…i
suggest you download one of the Live CDs (GNOME or KDE) image, burn a
disk, boot from it and give it a look WITHOUT installing it…or
set up a virtual machine under windows and run the Linux image inside
that virtual machine…