open suse enterprise repository

I need to get packages not included on the Opensuse dvd. Is it safe to install packages from the official repositories listed on this page and is this supported? Or is there a separate repository for the enterprise edition?

openSUSE repos are open, things are different for SLED/SLES. You can add repos to your system, but be careful. For individual packages (and their deps) that are not in your configured repos, there’s, with one-click-install option. Mind to uncheck subscription to the repos added during that procedure.

If you need packages for the “enterprise edition”, you will need to buy a license from Novell.

Are you talking about SLE? If so there is a separate forum for the
enterprise version where you should ask these
questions :wink:

If you are using SLE, what packages are you after as the
is an SDK which contains additional packages which are supported.
There is also which you can select
SLE versions in the dropdown, these are not supported as such.

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