open suse doesnot connect to internet, vmwaredoes

i recently install opensuse 11,at first i have connected to the internet and everything was fine…but after the first restart it cannot connect… i have tried everything…
i entered a static ip, i changed it later to connect through dhcp but nothing…its connected throught a cable…Not wifi…
when i restart the network and when i (ifconfig) everything looks fine!!
i also have vmware server on that mashine with opensuse 10, and its connecting to the internet perfectly,in the vmware i use a static ip and its connected through NAT.

so how can it be possiblw vmware to be able to browse websites while mashine cant??
Any help


Hello there – and welcome here!
If everything looks fine when you “ifconfig”, then maybe you only need to add a pointer to the internet connection and its name resolvers. So:
How does the computer connect ot the internet?
Also, what do you get when you issue this command in a console/terminal: /sbin/route.
And finally, what do you get in response to this command: cat /etc/resolv.conf