Open Suse , console screen flickers


We have installed open suse leap 15 in one of the dell server and after the installation, console screen is flickering and not able to type .

What can be the problem . Also, only CLI comes in console no GUI .

Thanks for any help.

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Unfortunately Leap 15.0 is E.O.L, can you not install/upgrade to Leap 15.1 and see if the problem duplicates?

Also what is the actual hardware, cpu, ram, gpu etc.

Hi [LEFT]malcolmlewis[/LEFT]

Thanks for the reply. This was installed almost 8-9 months back since then the issue persists.

It is the dell enterprise Server and ystem has below specifications.


GPU not sure

HDD is more than 2 TB

It is likely important to know this information, and basic definitive machine specs…

inxi -Fxx

This may well apply
Upgrading to to the current stable kernel might be another option to consider.

Sounds like a video problem. So important to know what video chip is in that machine.

openSUSE has recommended various utilities over the years to collect hardware information,

Curiously, the LEAP documentation seems to only describe monitoring and analysis, and says nothing about collecting system hardware info which i assume is required and more basic. Nevertheless, here is the LEAP documentation for when/if it might be useful to analyze what might be happening

The following SDB is fairly old but is likely still current. Describes how to use the hwinfo utility to aggregate information into a single text file. I highly recommend this be done if for no other reason than to create a record of the hardware in this system, which is considered to be a basic requirement in any business. Although the SDB describes using xterm, of course any terminal/console app can be used.

The following is the github (source) for the openSUSE version of hwinfo. Quite helpfully, it describes steps to collect detailed information about the GPU as an example of collecting data on a specific hardware device.

The above link describes specifically how to collect data about the GPU, but of course there are many other devices in a system. Although there is no “help” the MAN page for hwinfo is fairly short and clear, describing each option available

man hwinfo

Once your information is in a file, you can post it here for others to inspect if needed.

Of course I agree with each prior posting in this thread that the highest priority should be to get your business’ authorization to upgrade this machine to 15.1 which may solve your immediate issue but also address and prevent many more that are coming if you don’t upgrade. If it makes you more comfortable, do some test installs and upgrades on another machine or in a virtual machine (recommend Virtualbox) so are very familiar with the upgrade process.

The SDB for the offline upgrade which I’d recommend over the online for newbies… All this involves is downloading and burning the 15.1 ISO to DVD, then booting to the DVD and following the instructions

If you’d like to view screenshots of the upgrade, it’s similar to an install but without the “First Stage Install” part which involves preparing a disk for new installation, and parts that are already set up like Desktop choices and setting up the first User to log into the machine. Screenshots of an original install are in my openSUSE introduction slide deck as follows

Good luck…