Open SUSE 12.2 VNC problem

Hi to all!

I’m a new member and a fresh user of Open SUSE.
I’m very pleased with OpenSUSE 12.2, but I have one
problem need solving.

I’ve enabled Remote login to my machine and turned off
firewall. When I connect to my linux host over port 5901
I get the usual login screen (host uses smb login) and
everything is normal until the point when the loader finishes
the initialization. The session ends at that point.

I’ve googled out the solution, but commenting ipv6 lines in /etc/hosts
and aliasing localhost does not work…

I’m using OpenSUSE 12.2 KDE, and tihghtvnc and xorg-x11-Xvnc are
installed by default.


Hi to all!

Problem solved!

xorg packages that were installed needed updating…

Just enter:

zypper update --type package xorg

as superuser and VNC problem with KDE4 and plasma goes away.

Thanks, that works to the resolve the problem " nobody’s X11 Desktop" . :wink:

Ramon Cabrera (tosta)