Open Suse 12.2 - Shutdown -rF does not work anymore???

(A) I use to have a command "
shutdown ------------> (shutdowd the computer)
-r -------------------> (reboot back up again after shutdown)
-F -------------------> (forced filesystem integrity check, done by fsck on (re)boot)
"now"-----------------> (indicating a very fast shutdown)

(B) When I use the same command now, I get the error ***- F is not supported???

(C) QUESTION: How can I now force a file system integrity check on (re) boot?***The current manual page of fsck does not provide me the answer :frowning:

The man pages do not mention “-F”.

Also see the note that shutdown is a legacy command, you should be
using systemd/systemctl…

man 7 systemd.special should provide info

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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So how do you achieve this with systemd/systemctl?

touch /forcefsck

I guess this is what “shutdown -F” did. /forcefsck has been around for quite some time, long before systemd … :slight_smile: