Open SUSE 11

Does Open SUSE support RTL8187B wireless LAN adapter (on LAPTOP) and HP 1000 printer support.

Currently I had downloaded 10.3 , but had problems in using the wireless and the printer.

Good luck in getting an answer to your post, and welcome to our forum.

PLEASE, next time, use a more descriptive title, … ie in your case something like: Open SUSE support RTL8187B wireless LAN adapter (on LAPTOP)

You are also likely better off separating your RTL8187B and HP 1000 printer support query into separate posts.

The reason for assigning a more descriptive subject line is to draw the attention of people who can help you with your specific problem. When the subject line is so undescriptive, either people will purposely avoid even looking at your message or a zillion people might peek at your message who can’t help you.

Also, you should post to the appropriate forum, in this case your question regarding support for peripherals doesn’t belong in an “Applications” forum, it should be posted in the Hardware forum.