open SuSE 11.2 rc1 review

11.2 will ultimately be the best release to date. There is just so many things good with it.

Here is some of the bad.

Bluetooth: After rebooting, cannot get the KBluetooth to connect to a previously paired device. The previously paired device is correctly identified. There just is no way to connect to the device. KBluetooth frequently crashes. To connect to a previously paired device, the old device needs to removed, the program needs to be closed, etc.

Netbook specific issues (not really related to SuSE)
The netbook mouse pad is problematic. Because of its location, it is constantly unintentionally getting struck, causing text to enter into the wrong location when typing, or to cause open screens to collapse, and alternative screen tops to display.

It would be nice if there was a widget that enabled a function key to lock out the touchpad.

The % number of the connection is difficult to see on a netbook. The icon needs to go through a color change or some other change as the WiFi connection goes from inactive, acquiring, and active.

All in all, great job.