open suse 11.2 and DDOS attacks

I want to ask how secure the operating system open suse 11.2 with kernel kernel-desktop version from DDOS attacks?
Does SuSEFirewall2 tools help eliminate DDOS attack?

Most routers do this before it even gets to the box

DDOS is actually very hard to stop and it doesn’t matter if you have a router, a firewall or not, since you don’t have control on the DDOS so it’ll keep pounding your router/firewall and if its bandwidth is higher than yours, it’ll completely stuff your pipe so you won’t be able to do anything, sometimes even not browsing. All you can do is find out who’s doing it, contact the ISP of the originator(s) and hope for the best. Or, go the illegal way; counter-DDOS the machines and see who wins :stuck_out_tongue: