Open SuSE 11.2 / 32 bit does not install in Workstation 7


I tried to install open SuSE 11.2 / 32 bit in my Workstation 7, running on a SuSE 11.0 / 32 bit system.

After selecting the archictecure, language and screen size I pressed “Install”. Then I got a small “window” in the VMware-console displaying:

    data             prog
 0 : 8bd7a .a  7:2.1

err 11

The guest stopped then.

Installing open SUSE 11.2/64 bit works fine.

Any hint?

Please try Bugzilla for 32 bit OS-11.2 not installing in Vmware when 64 bit does.

Perhaps the FOSS Virtual Box would install it, if it fails to then it’ll be easier for developers & testers to try out (no commercial software required).

when I try to install SuSE 11.2 in a VirtualBox (2.0.2), the problem is still present.


I forgot to say, there is a workaround (thanks to the support of, which works in VMware as well as in VirtualBox:

After the error message is displayed, press 3 times RETURN.
After that, the console installation selection is presented,
select “linux” and the system installation starts, and the them is propperly installed.

One question: how to I a file a bug request (which URL)