Open SUSE 11.0 greeting message error

I have installed Open Suse 11.0 with KDE 4.0 desktop environment which was eventually updated to KDE 4.1.3. After normal shutdown while restarting I am getting the error message–“No Greeter Plugin. Check Configuration”
The OK tab puts the system in console mode from which I cannot logon to GUI background.

Please give suggestions.

System Installed

Open Suse 11.0
KDE 4.0; updated to KDE 4.1.3

Did your kde4-kdm-branding package (or similar) also get updated to the newer version?

Boot failsafe, login as user, open konsole and type:

mv /home/username/.kde4 .kde4old

Replace username with your username, reboot.

Also, post what you get if you run

rpm -qa |grep kde4-kdm