Open SuSe 10.3 certificate exchange

Hello to everyone

I have to tell u that this is the first time that i write on this forum, but i need some help.
I have to make a paper and presentation about the cert exchange and communication between a client and server interconnecting with SSL.
Can someone please help me, and give me a link where i could read about this connection how it happens and the cert exchange. I would appreciate this a lot.

Thx in advance


Thx for the wikipedia link, i have read this.
I need description on upper level.

On 07/15/2008 danielkb wrote:
> I need description on upper level.

Care to elaborate?


Well i want to know aboute the private and publick key of the server and the client. How and by whoom does the firts connection starts. Who indicates the handshake and the validation. What is written in the certificates, and which kind of data is in the certificate.
Mabye i ask to much, and the questions are simple, but I’m new at this and i want to know the essence of the communication between the server and the client.

  • danielkb,

hm, IMHO it is all in the Wikipedia article. If not, why not read the stuff linked at the bottom of the article? I don’t think you can dive much deeper into it.