Open source society

i am going to start an open source society for my university.I need ideas for making it successful.Will post it’s link soon.Hope people here help it to be established by providing their little inputs in forums/discussions/ideas

wrt openSUSE and free software per the Free Software Foundation definition of free (which is also open source), the wiki reference is here (in case you have not seen it): Free Software Philosophy - openSUSE

The chances are there are already students, staff and techies using Linux. Your best bet is to locate a techie or academic staff member employed by the university who is able to access resources to assist the society.

There are a few users but on general the awareness is poor.i will be delighted if people from this forum are ready to help there as well

nipunreddevil wrote:
> There are a few users but on general the awareness is poor.i will be
> delighted if people from this forum are ready to help there as well

john_hudson is right, look for users among the staff of the chemistry,
physics, mathematics, engineering or information technology departments…

or, i guess there is an IT branch for the university itself: you know,
to do payroll, class scheduling, student records etc…i bet every
secretary has a computer running Windows which is connected to a
database somewhere, and it is likely that db lives on Linux, Unix, Sun
or other…and, all of the folks feeding and caring for the db and
their machines can be helpful, if they wanna be…

what is the web site URL for the school?


Delhi Technological University - Delhi College of Engineering
Will be putting my link here in next few days.I am in computer engineering.Have been trying to ask other univs in US to help too

that site runs on Linux :wink:

Site report for

how did you get to know.
but i guess very limited people here have a knowledge of open source.

check the link in my previous post

i see on the site that the College of Engineering offers a bachelors
degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer
Engineering, and Information Technology…

i highly doubt any of those degrees can be earned without courses in
Linix, BSD and other open source software…check it out…if you
find those courses are producing graduates with only Window’s
training, well… you are in the wrong school (imo)…but, since there
the society you wish to start is a great idea!!


Well no linux course,no open source.But i plan to change all that.with the support of open source community at places like this

I’m baffled. No open source or Linux at all? I thought India and surroundings are very supportive of open source and Linux in general. Lots of Indian people hack on open source projects. This college is really lacking :confused:

> This college is really lacking :confused:

lacking? it is frightening!!

well, maybe Bill Gates built the place with some pocket change…


And its one of the best engineering college in India.Maybe there wasn’t anyone like me before