open source Gnash or Adobe flash?

Hi, while reading some online guide on Fedora 10 installation i came across Gnash, which is supposed to the opensource implementation of Flash.
Has anyone tried it? what are your thoughts? is it better that adobe’s flash, or do we wait for while more before giving it a try.
the reason why i ask this is that i already have adobe’s flash player and plugin running, and i would like to get some feedback on this before unistalling flash and going through the (slight?) trouble of installing another software for something that works flawlessly for me at present.
what do you people think?


Depends on why. Gnash is open source. Gnash usually lags behind Adobe’s Flash. So if you like open source and don’t need cutting edge, then Gnash is fine. I think the default is Flash though.

thanks. i am sticking with adobe then, for a while. i tried gnash, but ran into some problems with audio. so reverted back to adobe.

okay so i actually used gnash recently. not on suse, but a feshly installed fedora 10. it was great, but it kept hogging exceptional amounts of memory for some weird reason. even flash doesn’t hog that much. on firefox 3.0.4, i was running two tabs of youtube videos. and the memory that firefox used then was around 140-160 MB. that is just insane.