Open source ATI HD Drivers

Does anyone know how they are getting on?

I want a Radeon HD 3870X2 but it isn’t supported by the fglrx drivers…

My HD2400 Pro works perfect in openSuSE 11 rc2

HCL/ATI Video Cards - openSUSE

Is that using the opensource RadeonHD drivers, or is that using the fglrx drivers?

Do you have 3D acceleration?

I’m using radeonhd with a Mobility FireGL V5200 and it’s working perfectly. Perfectly in this context meaning no 3d acceleration yet, but thus far I have survived just fine. If 3d something you need, then you should look at the radeon driver or the AMD’s proprietary fglrx driver.

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As far as I know, there is (currently) no Linux suport for the X2 cards. You should be able to use those as a single core cards though.

ATI fglrx

Look at the link.

Yes I have 3D enabled and working fine. :cool:

Cheers guys!

@MadHag, I can’t use fglrx with the HD 3870x2 as yet, and it is not listed in the HCL.

Am I right in thinking compiz cannot be run without 3D?
Seeing as that is a) the only 3D thing I’m going to run, and b) not that important, it looks like the card is a go!

The ATI Radeon™ HD 3870x2 series of product is currently not supported by the ATI Catalyst™ Linux software suite

Man that’s sad news. 38 series supported but not yours, must be the business in Windows though :slight_smile:

Yes, I think you have a job getting a 3d screensaver to work, nevermind compiz.


One trouble I’m having is windows. I’m half way through a change of heart, and I’m tempted to kick windows all together. But I REALLY want one of those cards…

Please note that the WIKI pages are somewhat out of date. Keep your eye on the ATI Linux Driver page and read their release notes if you want to keep up to date. However, you are correct - the 3870x2 is not supported by the official ATI fglrx drivers at this time.

Yes, compiz requires 3D acceleration support, so you’re out of luck with that.

More correctly, direct rendering and AiGLX/XGL support (fglrx and radeon have this, but I think only the git version of radeon has r500 dri support)

Unfortunately you have to wait

That I can do.

Is the open source driver intending to replace fglrx in the future, or does it simply offer an open source alternative to those who don’t actually need the “full offerings” of fglrx?