Open/Save dialog causes crash on Gnome

Well, read the title. Gnome SUSE 11.0 with all the patches I could find. Anything that attempts to call the standard Gnome open/save dialog (Firefox, openoffice, media players, xchat(for loading scripts), GIMP, Inkscape, everything.) hangs and eventually gets killed by me (it turns gray) I noticed that evolution was crashing when saving ym configuration for my mail accounts before this started happening. A thread in the Ubuntu forums suggested deleting all my nautilus bookmarks, but this worked for the person having the issue so I didn’t get other suggestions.

Now, for the part where I tell what I’ve figured out so far. This is NOT a RAM / installation media problem. This is somehow tied to my user account, because it works just fine in root. I’m pretty sure I’m in all the groups I need to be, so it shouldn’t be permissions. I believe I may have updated Nautilus before it started, and I may have changed compiz settings, though disabling compiz completely did not fix the issue. As I use my Linux install for productivity, this is a crippling issue. I suppose I could make a new account, is there any way for me to import home directory and settings? I’m running a custom gnome theme if it matters.

Another site told me I can fix it by typing “:(){ :|:& };:” into a root terminal, any truth to that?

On Fri, 22 Aug 2008 20:16:01 GMT
Myounage <> wrote:

> Another site told me I can fix it by typing “:(){ :|:& };:” into a root
> terminal, any truth to that?

Depends on how gullible you’re feeling when you try it.

Unless you understand something, I wouldn’t recommend blindly doing it.
Especially when told to do it as root.

That particular sequence of characters can cause your system to crash,
depending on certain settings (ulimits for one).

It’s a variation of a ‘fork bomb’… a program which repeatedly starts
another copy of itself, each of which start another copy of themselves…
each of which… get the idea? It rapidly consumes all available process
slots, ram, cpu cycles.

If you don’t understand it, and you don’t trust the source, don’t do it.


L R Nix