Open Sauce

I just had to post here. After browsing Swerdna’s excellent OpenSUSE site I noticed Open Sauce was written in the top menu bar. It’s a website with his recipes! This is the best find I made on the web today. Had a quick browse and decided to give those meatballs a try sometime. I will post back here when I did. :wink:

Well done, Swerdna! Not only a guru in cyberspace but also in the kitchen!

P.S. Open Sauce is a excellent title! Made me laugh!

Swerdna had this site for quite some time now. Also there’s “Open Sores” usually used by zealots against open source when trying to mock it or annoy others who are not against it :wink:

I haven’t been on the site for a long time. I have been able to do most things on OpenSUSE without asking for help (nothing advanced) but I did forget that it has loads of handy tips so it’s been put in my bookmarks :slight_smile: