Open office load/save dialogue: right click options vanished

Can someone check this for me, before I report it?

Hit the options button in the top right corner, or right click on the navigation window, and you get a menu, which for me doesn’t display anything…

Sorry - should specify this is 11.2 (factory), KDE 4.3, normal themes etc.

Hmm… I also don’t seem to be able to open anything from within open office.

If I double click on an .odt file in dolphin, it opens fine - but opening from the toolbar or the menu once it’s running does nothing.

Starting to think I’ve broken it :slight_smile:

Actually, I guess this could well be internationalisation, couldn’t it…

That would make sense. I’m on British English. If some other Brit could check for me, that’d be nice.

And if anyone in the know could tell me if this needs reporting at this stage, please do.

And I’ll stop replying to myself now. :slight_smile: