Open Office docs in Windows.

Hi , I am new to Linux. When I make documents, for example a resume and send it to a PC using Windows, why does it end up looking different to the way designed it? Areas have text and it is unaligned if viewed as a word doc in windows. Nobody has accepted my resume yet. How do I save the file? I am creating it as a text document, is there a better method?
I am using openSUSE 11.0

^ Sorry, some areas on the document change to different text^

It is better to send your resume as PDF documents. In OpenOffice, you can do it with one click. (Or, File -> Export as PDF).

PDF formating will remain same irrespective of all platforms. Also, it will look more professional.

From the other hand, it’s absolutely normal if Word renders the text on a slightly different way. Try to use less complex styling, and the rendered document will be more identical to the original in Word.
You can also try to save your documents in an independent format what is available in Word and in OOo Writer too. Like XML.
Good luck.

Thank you to you both for the good advice. I will give it a shot. See you around these boards. Lots to learn.