open office 3.1/KDE 4.1 incompatibility

Not sure where to report this bug but it seems a big one:

After adding factory and factory-contrib repositories to install Midori, yast (without being asked) upgraded my open office to 3.1.1.

All oo programs that i’ve tested (writer, draw, calc) crash immediately under my current KDE 4.1

If run from the command line it crashes with the error message:

/usr/lib64/ooo3/program/soffice.bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ooo3/basis3.1/program/ undefined symbol: _ZN7QPixmap13fromX11PixmapEmNS_9ShareModeE

so this clearly needs developers’ attention.

The seame installation of OOO 3.1 fortunately seems to run correctly under KDE 3.5, btw., so i’ve dropped back to that.


Instead of dropping back why didn’t ypu try openoffice 3.1 in KDE4.3?? I have openoffice3.1 installed in KDE 4.3 and it has been working flawlessly till now…

Agree here.
Update to KDE4.3, and there will be no worries for you. As KDE4.1 is buggy.