Open .mhtml file

Using XFCE

What software do I need to open a .mhtml file? Thanks in advance.

Assuming the this suffix mirrors what is inside the file.

I had to search for it:

As you can read there, you could try a text editor. You could try a HTML browser. And it all depends very much on what you want to do with it.

It was a web page opened in Chrome based browsers (Opera, Vivaldi) that would only save in that format. I tried opening it with LibreOffice, Firefox and GIMP. GIMP wouldn’t open it. LibreOffice and Firefox only showed about 10% of the contents, those being the headings of the data that was omitted.

I can work around it. It’s just something I have never encountered before.

The Wikipedia page I linked to tells you that support of it is rather limited. E.g. Firefox does not support it. I wuld say: avoid the format.

This used to work, I don’t know if it still does as I’ve no *.mhtml file to test with.

Using Firefox first open the file using Ctrl+O, then Ctrl+P to print and chose print to file (as *.pdf).

If you absolutely have to open it, install Falkon. It opens .mht files.

Thanks for trying. Only the headings showed, not 90% of data.

I got a totally blank page. But I appreciate the effort, and I’m impressed with Falkon. I’m keeping it.

Hmm… It was a long time since I tried that, I guess the result also depends very much upon what the original content was.

Reading the following from the wikipedia entry:

The content of an MHTML file is encoded using the same techniques that were first developed for HTML email messages, using the MIME content type multipart/related.[1] MHTML files use a .mhtml or .mht filename extension.

The first part of the file is an e-mail header. The second part is normally HTML code. Subsequent parts are additional resources identified by their original uniform resource locators (URLs) and encoded in base64 binary-to-text encoding. MHTML was proposed as an open standard, then circulated in a revised edition in 1999 as RFC 2557.

The .mhtml (Web archive) and .eml (email) filename extensions are interchangeable: either filename extension can be changed from one to the other. An .eml message can be sent by e-mail, and it can be displayed by an email client. An email message can be saved using a .mhtml or .mht filename extension and then opened for display in a web browser or for editing other programs, including word processors and text editors.

I wonder if Thunderbird or some ofther e-mail client may be able to open the file… worth a try probably.